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Conversation With a Beagle

I have just had the pleasure of two gorgeous girls enjoying a mini DogSmith Vacation with me.

Iines and Minni relax in the sun

The following is a conversation I had with the eldest girl on their last day of stay, after a short training session:


Me: “All finished”
Beagle: “What do you mean all finished? I think you have some treats left in your pocket. Let me check.”

Me: “There are no treats in my pocket.”
Beagle:  “What about this pocket?”  Sniffs my other pocket.

Me: “Nope. All finished. There aren’t any in that pocket either.”
Beagle: Jumps up to sniff. “What about in your top pocket?”

Me: “I don’t have a top pocket.”
Beagle: “Can’t you get some more?  You must have some more somewhere.”  Continues to sniff every inch of me.

Me: “You’ve had enough.”
Beagle: “I’m a beagle. I’ve never had enough. I’m starving!”

Me: “You don’t look like you’re starving. You’ve had loads to eat.”
Beagle: “No, I haven’t, you forgot to feed me.”

Me: “I didn’t forget to feed you!”
Beagle: “I’m on holiday. You’re meant to eat more when you’re on holiday.”

Me: “You have eaten more. You’ve had a special treat every day!”
Beagle: “No, I haven’t. I’m starving. I’ve had much less than normal.”

Iines enjoys a homemade doggy ice-cream cube served in a Zogoflex West Paw Tux

Me: “No, you haven’t. You’ve had your normal food and on day one you also had some homemade doggy ice-cream; on day two you had some mackerel; on day three you had some hake and on day four you had another doggy ice-cream! That’s not to mention, your training treats.”
Beagle:  “Lady, you must think I’m stupid. I know you take the training treats out of my daily allowance – They are not extra!”

Me: “Okay, you’ve got me there, but the doggy ice-cream cubes and fish were extra. Anyway, that’s it. There’s nothing left.”
Beagle: “Listen lady, I am absolutely starving, let’s go and check the fridge. I bet my dinner is in there.”

Minni enjoys her doggy ice-cream, made from banana, yoghourt and a dash of peanut butter

Me: “You already ate your dinner.”
Beagle: “Pretty please.” (Sad eyed look)
Me: “Okay, I give in. Let’s go get you a treat.”

Beagle eats treat.



Beagle: Sniffing pockets again. “I think you forgot to feed me.  I’m starving!  I’m sure you have some treats left in your pocket. Let me check…”

Later that night while undressing a treat falls out of my pocket.  I should have known that a beagle’s nose never lies!


Thank you for a fun-filled, nose sniffing, four days, Iines and Minni! #DogSmith Vacations


Estepona Dog Training Expert Brings the World’s Most Progressive Training & Pet Care Methods to our Local Community

To better serve animal lovers of the Costa del Sol, Louise Stapleton-Frappell PCT-A has become a DogSmith Licensed Professional Partner.

ESTEPONA, SpainApril 5, 2017PRLog — DogSmith Services Inc., an international dog training and pet care company, is proud to announce its latest licensed professional partner, The DogSmith of Estepona, serving the Western Costa del Sol. The DogSmith of Estepona is a full-service pet care and dog training business committed to training methods and pet care that are humane and meet explicit ‘force-free’ guidelines.

Louise Stapleton-Frappell, owner and certified dog trainer states, “Being awarded the DogSmith license for the Western Costa del Sol tells our customers that we are members of the upper echelon of highly qualified pet professionals. I believe all training and pet care should be both fun and stress-free and I’m passionate about making sure that guardians and their pets receive the absolute best training and care, along with exceptional customer service, an ethos shared by The DogSmith, an unrivalled Dog Training, Dog Walking & Pet Care Licensing company.”

According to Niki Tudge, DogSmith President, “The DogSmith license is exclusively granted to individuals in the pet industry who possess not just the best in dog training and pet care skills but also possess a high level of customer service and a commitment to ethical business and professional standards. As our latest professional partner, we are very excited to have Louise Stapleton-Frappell working with us. She is an accomplished trainer, educator and pet care provider, who is completely committed to the welfare of her customers’ pets and operates her business as an extension of her personal ‘force-free’ philosophy.”

Read the full press release here: https://www.prlog.org/12631342-estepona-dog-training-expert-brings-the-worlds-most-progressive-training-pet-care-methods-to-our.html